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Plus Size Women Clothing


Plus Size Clothing

Data from the study suggest that as many as 46 million people are overweight in India. For retailers of plus-size clothing, heavier customers, who earlier resorted to neighborhood tailors, are now adding to the demand for ready-to-wear apparel.

Sizes above XL are generally considered as plus sizes. Nearly 65% to 70% ladies crowd in India comes in plus size range. Today in physical stores you do get clothes up to 5 or 6 XL but most of the time they are regular clothes in bigger sizes. If someone looking good in regular size clothing, it is not necessary it should be adorable on plus size body too. Hence there is huge demand and opportunity in market for catering to plus size clothing. At Larjjosa you can buy plus size clothing online in India.

What we provide at Larjjosa?

At Larjjosa, we are committed to provide end to end solution for plus size ladies customers in terms of clothing and accessories. Our accessories like waist band, thigh bands are it quiet useful for day to day activities of our customers. Larjjosa provides various ranges in tunics, tops, and dresses and bottoms to name a few. The designs are always updated as per ongoing fashion trend; styles are unique and are set by keeping curvy bodies in mind. Quality of fabric is never compromised so our customer could get top end attire in their hand.