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Plus Size Dresses

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Why to go online for buying plus sizesdresses?

Plus size clothing is a bit more challenging than the regular sizes. For example in India, plus size ladies have quietdifferent shapes (sometimes a hip portion could be bigger than bust or viceversa.) Hence it is not necessary that always a ready to wear dress should fit in properly. Shopping online offers you wide range of variety to choose from.By seating at one place you can explore and visit many virtual stores. It gives you ample time to closely look at the desired dress you want before you make your mind to purchase it.

What we provide at Larjjosa?

At Larjjosa we provide verities of dresses to choose from in ready to wear as well as stitch to order format. Our designers work closely on Indian plus size ladies body structure to offer them the best experience when they buy dress at

Our team spends most of their time in choosing right fabric, making good patterns, modifying the existing pattern to suit plus size customers, innovating new styles etc. Our dresses are specialized in offering cutting edge looks that celebrate fashion.

Why to prefer us? is the first plus size brand in India who provides customize option for plus size dresses. In case customers could not find her sizes in our standard size chart they just need to provide their size and we will stitch that perfect attire for her.

At Larjjosa fashion, we believe in bringing fashion to figure.

What is customizing fashion?

In today’s ever demanding fashion world sometimes it gets difficult to get the perfect attire you want especially for ladies. Customize apparels offer you great style and comfort at your own terms.Ordering on customize platform could be much easier for ladies customers as youare the best judge of your own body.

The made-to-order trend has grown significantly in the last decade, on all levels of e-commerce, from solo operations to multinational manufacturers.

What is customized fashion at Larjjosa?

We at LARJJOSA completely understand the customize fashion for plus sizes. To enhance your proper curvature, customize clothing is best option. Shoppers can provide their measurements and get customized fitting. We understand , sometimes it is not possible to have that perfect dress available in ready to wear section but we assure that our masters would give the perfect finishing just like they are sewing with you standing in front of them.

Once you select the pattern from our site andfill the form (with the help of instructions provided on site) our experts will put their best effort to create that special silk closest to your heart.

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